1974年 BOTEK 创立于德国,是世界领先精密深孔钻探工具。有超过40年中深孔钻头的生产和应用的经验。提供各类单刃双刃枪钻,阶梯钻、BTA 系统内排屑各类钻头、喷吸钻、套料工具、立铣刀、铰刀、特殊刀具。

BOTEK started develop and manufacture tools to satisfy our customers′ deep-hole drilling tasks.  BOTEK mission is to find the most cost-effective solution for every customer and to continuously develop it.  BOTEK rely on the expertise, commitment and creativity of our employees, and innovative advanced technologies to always keep a step ahead.  BOTEK guiding principle is:  Always improving!  This determination to constantly improve has made us what we are today.

  • 单刃枪钻
  • 双刃钻
  • BTA刀具
  • 喷吸钻刀具
  • 枪钻修磨机
  • Single flute gundrills
  • Twin flute drills
  • System Ejector
  • Multi-spindle heads
  • Gun drill grinding machine