SPK® 切割材料在 HPC 应用中用于处理铸铁、硬化钢、坚硬材料甚至加工钢铁。 CeramTec 提供多种高性能精密工具,为使用陶瓷、CBN 和金属陶瓷制成的可转位刀具进行的车削、硬车削、开槽、铣削和钻孔实现最大效率和高质量。

For over 60 years the CeramTec’s SPK® brand has stood for powerful, efficient design in machining processes with ceramic cutting tools, PcBN grades and cermets.  The CeramTec SPK® Solution Team is able to create practically oriented solutions in the fields of automotive engineering and aerospace, the transmission and bearing industry, in mechanical engineering and in wind power.

  • SPK 陶瓷铣削刀具
  • SPK 金属陶瓷铣削刀具
  • SPK CBN 铣削刀具
  • SPK ceramic milling tools
  • SPK cermet milling tools
  • SPK CBN milling tools