HAIMER 是德国一家中等规模的家族企业,位于巴伐尼亚州奥格斯堡附近的伊根豪森。 我们设计、生产和销售高精密的创新产品,服务包括汽车、航空航天、能源、铁路、和一般机械加工业的金属切削。 除了提供各种规格、接口和长度的刀柄产品,热缩机和动平衡机,3D量表和整硬刀具,现在的产品还包括对刀仪。

HAIMER is a family run, medium size company located in Igenhausen, Bavaria near Augsburg, Germany.  We design, produce and sell innovative, high precision products for metal cutting as well as for other branches including automotive, aerospace, energy, rail and general machining.  In addition to our large offering of tool holders in all popular interfaces and lengths, including our shrinking and balancing machines, as well as our 3D sensors, solid carbide cutting tools, our product offering now also includes tool presetting machines.

  • 对刀仪
  • 刀柄
  • 热缩机
  • 刀具动平衡机
  • 3D 寻边器
  • Tool presetters
  • Tool holders
  • Power clamp
  • Tool dynamic
  • 3D-Sensors