MILLER专注于整体硬质合金钻头,立铣刀设计制造,针对每一种被加工材质如: 钢材、不锈钢、铝合金、高硬钢等材料都有专门产品对应。 MILLER其结构设计先进新颖,可采用高切削用量实现高效加工,延长刀具寿命 。

MILLER in Altenstadt Germany produces solid carbide precision tools for drilling and milling with resounding success and an innovative production strategy.  The greatest strengths of MILLER are its extensive range of standard products with application-specific catalogue tools as well as its high degree of flexibility in developing outstanding complex special tools made of solid carbide.

  • 整体硬质合金钻头
  • 可换头式钻头
  • 整体硬质合金铣刀
  • Solid carbide drills
  • Replaceable head drills
  • Soild carbide end-mills