NT Tool

NT TOOL作为专业刀柄的生产厂商,在汽车、飞机、家用电器、手机等各个领域做出了贡献,并受到来自全球三十多个国家客户的好评。 NT TOOL生产的普通刀柄种类约有45,000种,而根据客户要求生产的非标品更多达250,000种以上。 并且,每项产品都受到国内外顶级生产企业的认可。

As a leading manufacturer of tool holders, NT Tool produces tool holders contribute to automobiles, aircraft, household appliances, mobile phones and enjoys high acclaim in more than 30 countries around the world.  The tool holders we produce boast a line-up of some 45,000 general-purpose types, which with special custom parts makes for more than 250,000 types.  Each one of these products has been recognized by leading corporations in Japan and abroad.

  • 刀柄夹持系统
  • 刀柄夹持系统配件
  • 专用机用刀具夹持系统
  • 车铣复合机刀具夹持系统
  • 加热 / 冷却装置
  • 对刀仪 / 测量装置
  • 导套 / 导角刀具
  • 其余关联装置
  • NT tooling system
  • NT tooling accessories
  • Specialized machine tooling system
  • Muti-tasking machine tooling system
  • Heating/Cooling devices
  • Presetters/Measuring equipment
  • Bush/Chamfering series
  • Related equipment