成立超过 30 年德国 OTT-JAKOB 公司所提供的产品范围迎合机床业所有需求,而且包括机床主轴在进行刀柄拉紧过程的每个环节。主要产品为适用于 7/24 锥柄和 HSK 刀柄与拉爪、空气、泠却液和泠却油雾传递旋转接头、油压与气压式松开装置 (打刀缸)、夹持组件、主轴测力计。

OTT-JAKOB is one of the most significant manufactures of clamping systems for machine tools in the worlds. We have obtained our leading position in the market from our distinguished developmental skills.  A full range of products from clamping units to rotary unions combined with the high degree of customization of our modular portfolio makes it possible to overcome challenging clamping problems.

  • 拉爪
  • 拉杆
  • 打刀缸
  • 旋转接头
  • 拉力计
  • Grippers
  • Pulling heads
  • Unclamping units
  • Rotary unions
  • Power-check