超过60年专业经验,美国 TAPMATIC 是专一攻丝刀柄夹头制造厂,附有自动逆转装置及延伸,压缩浮动柔性攻牙,其扭力控制装置可减少丝锥折断之虑,在自动可返转攻丝夹头领域居世界领先地位。 产品可用于各种机床和精密CNC加工中心,为一省时、安全、高效率的攻丝利器。

Since its establishment in 1952, Tapmatic has manufactured tapping attachments of the highest quality and efficiency.  Our focus on tapping attachments and tap holders, and our commitment to research and development, have led to the granting of more than 30 patents in countries all over the world.  This investment in innovation and quality has made Tapmatic a world leading manufacturer of tap holding tools.

  • 自动逆转恒速攻丝刀柄
  • 同步刚性攻丝刀柄
  • 柔性攻丝刀柄
  • 钻床用自动攻丝刀柄
  • 标记夹头
  • Self-reversing CNC tapping attachments
  • Synchronized Tapping
  • Tension compression tap chucks
  • Self-reversing manual tapping attachments
  • Tap writer / Scribe writer / Marking head