VARGUS 是世界知名螺纹切削刀具制造专家,1960 年成立于以色列,专业生产螺纹车刀,螺纹铣刀,各类槽刀和去毛刺刀具,提供各种螺纹加工和槽加工解决方案。

VARGUS is a world leading develper, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, prcision cutting and deburring tools.  The company′s VARDEX product line is the number one source for threading solutions worldwide and includes the largest range of thread turning and thread milling solutions as well as an extensive range of solutions for micro-machining.

  • 车牙
  • 车槽
  • 镗孔
  • 硬质合金铣牙刀具
  • 可转位铣牙刀具
  • 铣槽
  • Thread turning
  • Groove turning
  • Boring
  • Solid carbide thread milling tools
  • Indexable thread milling tools
  • Groove milling